The ‘Fruit Canner’s Secret’ for
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With high cholesterol, you can develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels. Over time, these deposits interfere with the blood flow through your arteries. This increases your risk of a heart attack or serious heart disease.

Doctors commonly prescribe statin drugs to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of a heart attack. Unfortunately, in addition to the expense of these medications, statins may cause significant side effects.

The most common side effect from statins is muscle pain and weakness. Others include digestive problems, memory loss, and even Type 2 diabetes. Occasionally, statins may lead to a dangerous condition called rhabdomyolysis. Symptoms include severe muscle pain, liver damage, and even kidney failure.

Fortunately, Joe and Terry Graedon from The People’s Pharmacy have found safe, drug-free methods to help lower cholesterol. Discover on the three-minute video below a trio of simple and natural cholesterol solutions. One in particular is a tasty, quick beverage containing only two inexpensive items from the grocery store, including one item used in home canning.

Those remedies to bring down your total cholesterol number are much simpler, safer, and cheaper than using drugs, aren’t they? While they don’t work for everyone, they’re certainly worth a try. Just make sure you don’t discontinue any medication before checking with your doctor first.

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Joe and Terry Graedon have been inspiring people to make informed decisions about their health for more than four decades. Joe is a pharmacologist. He understands the pros and cons of medications, drug interactions, and alternative medicine. Terry is a medical anthropologist. She has developed specialized knowledge about nutrition, herbal remedies, and natural healing.

The Graedons help millions of people just like you with their books, syndicated newspaper column, and public radio program. They’ve found affordable, safe, and simple alternative treatments for dozens of common health issues. Best of all, their helpful remedies don’t rely on expensive and potentially hazardous prescription drugs.

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