Who Ever Thought Gin-Soaked Raisins Could Help Your Arthritis Pain . . .

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Have arthritis or pain in your joints? You’re not alone. Over 70 million Americans suffer from stiff, sore, and aching joints.

Unfortunately, arthritis drugs come with serious side effects — like heart attacks, strokes, and bleeding ulcers.

Joe and Terry Graedon from The People’s Pharmacy have a natural solution. Discover on the video below how to use gin-soaked raisins for delicious, blessed relief from those aches and pains.

(Make sure you watch this brief, 3-minute video for details — it’s not quite as simple
as throwing a few raisins in a shot glass of gin!)

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Graedons and The People’s Pharmacy before . . .

Joe and Terry Graedon have been inspiring people to make informed decisions about their health for over 40 years. Joe is a pharmacologist. He understands the pros and cons of medications, drug interactions, and alternative medicine. And Terry is a medical anthropologist. She has specialized knowledge about nutrition, herbal remedies, and natural healing.

The Graedons help millions with their books, syndicated newspaper column, and public radio program. They’ve found affordable, safe, and simple alternative treatments for dozens of common health issues. Best of all, their helpful remedies don’t rely on expensive and hazardous prescription drugs.

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