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The Affordable Care Act will cut nearly $800 billion from the government’s Medicare budget in the next 10 years.

This political football has been demagogued by both Democrats and Republicans, but both parties know Medicare has to be cut, simply because it’s getting 10,000 new enrollees every single day now.

In just the next 20 years, the number of enrollees will double. And without significant cuts, Medicare will go bust!

Already some big changes are in effect, and several more are coming soon. You can’t afford to be in the dark on this.

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  • You’ll see an advantageous way to combine Part A and Part B, and then save money on your Part D prescription drug plan.
  • You’ll get a phone number to call for an Accountable Care Organization in your town — tasked with giving you the best results for your dollars.
  • You’ll see if you should buy supplemental insurance, including what kind and how much.
  • You’ll see how to spot and avoid Medicare scams!

There’s much more, too — everything you need to SAVE MONEY and get every advantage available to you from Medicare, including easy-to-understand details on the new rules and changes.

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