The Barroness of Blunt

Mainstream media has tried to silence her in vain, driving the #1 talk show host
out of radio. But there’s no denying . . .

Tough Times Require Tough Love

For the last 30 years, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has been a compassionate mentor and often controversial confidante to millions of readers and listeners across America. Every day, men and women from all walks of life and all ages eagerly seek her advice, clinging to every life-changing word. She’s loved and adored, hated and reviled — and her insights and advice have saved countless marriages, families, and friendships.

Dr. Laura faces life head-on.

She believes in creating her own happiness and in good old-fashioned morals, ethics, and commonsense. Now, in her explosive NEW bestseller, Love & Life, she dishes out advice as only she can: in her famous tell-it-like-it-is, blunt and gutsy style — the voice millions of loyal followers have come to love and depend on to change their lives and find their own happiness.

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Dr. Laura dishes out her BEST no-holds-barred, tough-love advice in this highly anticipated, long-awaited book.

Love & Life is a compilation of Dr. Laura’s best and most beloved gold-star advice on the biggest issues surrounding marriage, parenting, relationships, values, health, and money. Whether her advice makes you blush or makes your blood boil, she’s always spot-on. Follow Dr. Laura’s take-no-prisoners advice and your life will change for the better!

Rest assured, this isn’t just another self-help book full of the same old impossible, unrealistic, or downright crazy advice — the kind of book that sits on your shelf collecting dust. And, it’s not a know-it-all talking head like you see on TV today — so-called experts spewing trite advice to people who pile on the drama for ratings, making a joke out of real problems.

Instead, Dr. Laura’s giant NEW volume is packed with concrete “YES THAT MAKES SENSE WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!” solutions every man and woman can apply to their lives — kids, too.

Every story is real and relatable, and every ounce of advice is thoughtful, smart, and mind-blowing at times — but always direct and doable. She holds nothing back! You won’t get this kind of tough-as-nails, “buckle up baby” guidance anywhere else.

At the same time, Dr. Laura brings calm to chaotic and conflicted lives. Follow her advice and you could see results almost instantly. You’ll be happier and less-stressed, able to finally enjoy life to the fullest — no regrets. Love & Life is like having your own personal therapist to guide you through all the ups and downs and twists and turns life takes — only the advice is golden, not sugar-coated, and it’s FREE!

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This is a MUST-READ for anyone who struggles with relationships, parenting, health, and more . . .

Susan B. wrote to Dr. Laura in appreciation of her advice, stating, “Thank you for being a moral anchor in the wakadoodle world.”


See what else her loyal listeners, callers and readers are saying:

“You are a light in the darkness — keep it up.” — Kathy

“Thanks for all that you do for those of us who can’t see our way out of the forest.” — Maureen

“Your insight and yes, sometimes blunt approach is exactly what many of us need to wake us up.” — Michael

30 Years’ Worth of Shocking “Must-See” Advice

In Love & Life, Dr. Laura, the #1 relationship talk radio host and bestselling author, delivers page after page packed with provocative yet no-nonsense advice on doing life and getting it right.

This latest blockbuster bestseller, Love & Life, is jampacked with 30 years of her top-tier advice along with thought-provoking new insights and guidance.

Meet the infamous Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura Schlessinger holds a Ph.D. in physiology from Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, and received her post-doctoral certification in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from the University of Southern California. She was in private practice for 12 years and has been on the faculty of the USC Department of Biology, and the Graduate Psychology Department at Pepperdine University.

Dr. Laura has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, received an award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense for exceptional public service, and is the first woman to win the National Association of Broadcasters' prestigious Marconi Award for network/syndicated personality. When not fielding calls, letters and emails, Dr. Laura can be found racing sailboats and practicing her martial arts skills for which she holds a Black Belt.

Nothing Is Off-Limits

Like it or not, Dr. Laura lays down the law. Her controversial positions, rooted in ethics and morals, have been silenced by mainstream media and special interest groups – simply because they disagree with her points of view.

But that’s not stopping her!

Love & Life holds nothing back. You get Dr. Laura in all her unvarnished glory on sensitive topics like . . .

  • Feeling distant from your spouse? Try powdered sugar and sprinkles — nope, it’s not what you think but it is completely sweet. It’ll turn your relationship around faster than a speeding bullet! Page 30
  • Why “we grew apart” is a pathetic excuse for a failing marriage. Page 30
  • When you could care less about sex . . . the real difference between men and women and how they crave intimacy differently. Find your fulfillment on page 35
  • Get past too tired for sex — YES, the impossible really is possible! Simply focus on this. Warning: If you don’t get on board your husband will be looking for love in all the wrong places. Page 36

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  • Considering remarrying? Prepare to be shocked. Why you should think about “R&R” instead because heading into a second marriage with young children, says Dr. Laura . . . is the instant kiss of death. Page 45
  • Why Dr. Laura is absolutely convinced most divorces don’t need to happen. Page 47
  • Attention texting spouses: STOP. It’s bad for your marriage. Follow Dr. Laura’s simple advice on page 21 instead for a blissful marriage.
  • Are you prepared to give your child what he or she needs instead of giving into demands and tantrums? Check out the 10 commandments of parenthood on page 54. (HINT: it starts by not being part of what Dr. Laura calls a “despicable trend.” Happening right here, right now.)
  • ADD, ADHD: are you guilty of placing a “trendy diagnosis” on your kid? Find out on page 59
  • Struggling with the idea of being a stay-at-home mom? Dr. Laura gives you all the inspiration you need to make the one decision you’ll never regret. Page 79
  • How to take down a bully. Dr. Laura’s powerful advice for parents — what to do and what NOT to do. Page 96
  • Comforting someone you love who’s not willing to change. Try Dr. Laura’s “spaghetti and meatballs” method. Page 157

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  • Are you an ostrich? Don’t want to face your own problems so you find someone else with problems to focus on? Try the techniques on page 160 to take life by the horns.
  • How to make people who are upset feel better — for real. Surprise, surprise . . . it doesn’t include sugar-coating the truth but doing this one thing instead (Even though it sounds harsh, give it a try — it really works!) Page 178
  • How to properly fix a rift — and sincerely say you’re sorry. See how Dr. Laura says you can crush that apology and repair the relationship. BUT . . . here’s the one thing you should never say or you’ll just dig a deeper hole. Page 112
  • No more dreading holidays or get togethers! Let Dr. Laura be your guide to handling conflict, critical comments, arguers, bimbos and druggies — and save your sanity at the next family gathering. Page 125
  • Forgive and forget right? WRONG! Dr. Laura says: use this tactic instead to get past the hurt and move on. Page 126
  • Worried because you’re not crying after having experienced a huge loss like the death of a loved one? Relax, it’s normal. But if feelings of guilt have set in, ask yourself this one question to help you get past it. Page 137

PLUS story after story from years of calls, letters, and emails . . .

The story of the caller who learned Dr. Laura’s “responsibility gives you power” lesson — at just 5 years old! Page 82 . . .

How a 10-year-old girl learned a lesson about values the hard way. Page 149 . . .

Years ago, “Jennifer” made a terrible decision to abort a child. Now she’s living with unfathomable regret, shame, and remorse. See how Dr. Laura brought this young woman back from the brink. Page 151 . . .

Plus, many more shocking, surprising, and heartstring-tugging stories — all inside your FREE COPY of Dr. Laura’s blockbuster new Love & Life!

96 Kinds of People Who Hate Dr. Laura (and Dr. Laura Loves It!)

This is a special bonus chapter in the book you can’t miss! Blogger Ken Paris from Everything Must Go compiled a list of all types of people Dr. Laura has ticked off over the years — and it’s not exhaustive but it’s HUGE. Here’s a sneak peek at this sometimes funny, often shocking, and always offensive-to-someone list.

You or a loved one could be on the list if you . . .

Like to imagine you’re engaged even though there’s no ring and no date . . .

Raise your kids in America but still want your children beholden to foreign traditions . . .

Think aborting a child is better than giving the child up for adoption or raising the child . . .

Are a man who doesn’t want to pay for everything on every date . . .

Are a wife who withholds sex from your husband . . .

Want to be a surrogate womb, or egg or sperm donor for a family member or friend . . .

Want to intentionally raise a child without a mother or a father . . .

Are an adoptee raised by a decent family and are seeking out your biological parents or siblings . . .

Think quick, light swats on the tush are child abuse . . .

Tell your spouse about an affair that ended just to hurt your spouse or lighten your guilt . . .

Really believe addiction is a disease . . .

Think it’s a great idea to give your child a sibling . . .

Hook up with a date using online dating or matchmaking services or apps . . .

Believe in midlife crises . . .

Insist breastfeeding should be done in any public place without a blanket or covering . . .

Hate tattoos and think no one should get them . . .

If you think there’s only snowflakes on this list, you’re in for a whopping big surprise. Just wait until you see #1 on page 197 — that’s two-thirds of the population of America!

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<<Warning: the complete eye-opening and downright shocking list might make you squirm a little — but it’ll make you laugh a lot guaranteed! >>

The amusing, hysterical, and even shocking list starts on page 197.

Through all the eye-opening, shocking, and gasp-worthy moments, you can be absolutely certain of this . . .

In a world where ethics and morals are vanishing and the rules are being rewritten every day, Dr. Laura sticks to her guns. Whether she’s giving advice on marriage or morality, divorce or disappointment, kids, extramarital affairs, sexual escapades, addiction, bullying, loss, broken friendships, or entitlement . . .

Love & Life is your “guidebook to living” packed with simple-to-use, not always easy-to-hear solutions on every page — they will dramatically improve your quality of life. No matter what your situation, Dr. Laura has the answer.

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