A good night’s sleep is perhaps the most important and underrated aspect of overall health quality. Proper sleep patterns enable the body to relax, strengthen and restore from daily stresses.

Poor sleeping habits are linked to risky health concerns including weight gain, inflammation, depression, compromised immune systems, impaired brain function, heart disease, diabetes and so much more . . .

That’s scary stuff.

Due to the increased intensity of today’s society, more and more people are sleeping less than they did in the past. A good night’s sleep is getting harder and harder to come by. Many of us toss and turn, search for the cool side of the pillow, and even take pills that turn us into zombies and leave us groggy in the morning. We’ll try anything to get some rest.

But there’s hope.

You can claim a FREE copy of the revolutionary new book, The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well by Dr. Chris Idzikowski. You can learn how to battle that irritating, unhealthy restlessness and grab eight wonderful hours of uninterrupted slumber.

In The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well, Idzikowski will teach you easy, step-by-step ways to get the rest you need — simple techniques you will use to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed for decades to come.

“The opportunity for taking control of your life — and your sleep — has never been greater or more accessible,” says Idzikowski, a chartered psychologist and director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service and leading authority on sleep disorders.

In The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well, you will learn:

  • The Science of Sleep: Find out how to know you need sleep, and exactly how much you need (Page 13)
  • Dreams and Sleep: You learn about why we dream and what it means; about what happens to our bodies as we rest (Page 24)

Number of Nights Can Say

“I Had a Good Night’s Sleep”

  • Sleep Hygiene: How to set up the perfect sleeping space; how to keep it clean; and how temperatures and noise levels affect sleep. (Page 41)
  • Sleep, Aging, and Gender: The best sleeping suggestions for babies, teens, middle-agers and senior citizens (Page 84)
  • Sleep Disorders: A rundown of the most common sleep disorders, what they mean to your health and how to banish them from your life forever. (Page 155)
  • Pills, Potions, and Therapies: A look at the pharmaceuticals and medical techniques that can bring your nightly sleep back to normal. (Page 212)
  • Helpful Resource Links to key websites that host videos and carry vital, up-to-the-second information about getting the best night’s rest. (Page 234)

The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well is getting rave reviews from professionals as well as sleep-seekers.

Publisher’s Weekly writes: “Lazy college kids may claim to be experts when it comes to sleep, but they’ve got nothing on Idzikowski and his decidedly wide-eyed and active exploration of the Land of Nod . . . Accessible, informative, and light enough to read in bed . . . this guide will get readers dozing in no time.”

No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead — worker, athlete, student, traveler, stay-at- home parent, retiree, The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well can help you achieve that elusive night of deep sleep. And, since sleep is when the body and brain recharge and repair themselves, the long-term impact on your health can be significant.

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