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Your Book: Quick & Handy Home Remedies: Q&As for Your Common Ailments (A $16.95 value — yours FREE!)

In this popular book from Joe and Terry Graedon, you’ll get the best recipes for 62 of the most common ailments affecting you and your loved ones. You’ll discover how to help everything from allergies to heartburn, from back pain to high cholesterol. You’ll also find three scientifically proven diets, delicious hand-picked recipes, and 24 of the Graedons’ favorite foods to boost your energy and vitality.

Your Special Report: Keep Memory Sharp as You Age

(A $9.95 value — yours FREE!)

How many times have you walked into a room and forgotten what you were looking for? Millions of boomers and seniors are concerned about such memory lapses. Dr. Gary Small offers six easy, proven strategies to rapidly improve your memory and reverse the effects of brain aging. Plus, learn about new promising Alzheimer’s drugs.

Your Special Report: 10 Everyday Activities That Strengthen Your Brain (A $9.95 value — yours FREE!)

Discover Dr. Small’s top 10 everyday activities for building sharp minds and strong brain cells. Learn about new research on sleep and cognition, thyroid activity and depression, and how chocolate actually inhibits Alzheimer’s disease.

Your Special Report: 3 Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s
(A $9.95 value — yours FREE!)

With 5.4 million Americans affected by Alzheimer’s today, it’s important to recognize the early signs, which can be very subtle — and even mimic normal aging. In addition to memory lapses, brain experts discuss three little-known warning signs that could indicate developing Alzheimer’s. Plus, find at-home tests for thyroid problems and learn about a breakthrough arthritis pill.

4-Month Trial Subscription: Dr. Gary Small’s Mind Health Report

Every month, Mind Health Report brings you unequaled access to Dr. Small and other leading brain experts. You’ll discover how to power-pack your brain for happiness and success, sharpen your memory and thought processes, beat back depression, make better decisions, improve your relationships and family life, and gain other tips to protect your body’s most important organ.

3-Month Trial Subscription: Health Radar

In your issues of Health Radar, you will find the results of the latest scientific studies and reports from major medical centers. You’ll also get the details of health breakthroughs and promising new drugs — and what top doctors in every field are saying about crucial health issues.


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