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3 Cancer ‘Truths’ Debunked!

God forbid you should ever hear the words, “It’s cancer.” But if you do — for yourself or a loved one — here’s what you need to know.

Because what you think you may know about cancer — or what you’ve heard about cancer treatments — may actually be dead wrong.

But here’s good news for you . . .

More people are surviving cancer than ever before.

New treatments and advances, both conventional and natural, appear almost daily. And because of these remarkable breakthroughs, I’d like to share with you three cancer “truths” — popular in the mainstream today — that have been undeniably debunked.

They are simply no longer true.

And that means a faster diagnosis . . . more effective treatment . . . better care . . . and most importantly, the debunking of theses “truths” means hope and survival for you or a loved one if you ever have to face cancer.

Debunked Cancer Truth #1: Stage IV cancer is a death sentence.

When former President Jimmy Carter announced his melanoma (skin cancer) had spread to his brain and liver, the nation immediately sent prayers and sympathies.

Newsrooms began planning their “Death of a President” specials. Even President Carter said after hearing his diagnosis, “I just thought I had a few weeks left.”

And so did everyone else who heard the news. After all, the conventional “truth” has been: When cancer spreads, that’s Stage IV. That’s death.

So imagine the surprise and welcome relief when just six months later, Jimmy Carter announced he was cancer free.

But a handful of doctors on the front lines of the war on cancer were not surprised by Carter’s recovery — even at a Stage IV diagnosis.


Carter was given a newly FDA-approved drug called Keytruda (pembrolizumab), a pioneering type of cancer drug that unleashes the natural power of the body’s immune system to destroy cancer cells. Many oncologists consider immunotherapy the “greatest medical advance in decades.”

For 60 years or more, the gold standard of cancer treatment was surgery to remove the tumors, radiation to burn them away, and chemotherapy to poison them. Or as it’s often called, “slash, burn, and poison.”

But as you may know, these treatments destroy healthy cells along with tumor cells, leaving you sick, bald, and looking like death warmed over.

Plus, these treatments have shown to be mostly ineffective against Stage IV cancer. What’s worse, they can knock out your immune system, allowing the cancer to spread.

A Genuine Breakthrough in Stage IV Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapy, and drugs like Keytruda, take an approach that’s completely different from slash, burn, and poison.

Instead of destroying your immune system, these new drugs boost your body’s own immune system to target and kill cancer cells ONLY, leaving healthy cells unharmed. And immunotherapy drugs do not carry the risk of the debilitating side effects of chemo and radiation.

Many oncologists predict Keytruda will soon replace chemo, radiation, and surgery as the gold standard in cancer treatment.

It’s no wonder Stage IV cancer patients are demanding, “I want what Jimmy Carter had!”

In addition to immunotherapy, cancer “vaccines” are also giving new hope to Stage IV cancer patients. For instance, at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Stephen Russell is using a version of the measles vaccine to kill cancer cells.

In Dr. Russell’s method, the genetically-engineered measles virus is injected into the bloodstream and binds itself to cancer tumors. The virus then uses the cancer cells as hosts to replicate, destroying the cancer host in the process.

The body’s immune system also sees any remaining cancer cells in the bloodstream as measles, which it effectively kills.

And while doctors have been injecting viruses directly into tumors for years in order to shrink them, Dr. Russell’s approach was a revolutionary game-changer.

That’s because no doctor had ever injected a cancer-killing virus into the bloodstream before. With this simple change, these viruses are now hunting down cancer cells wherever they may have spread in the body . . . and annihilating Stage IV cancer.

Dr. Russell has successfully treated patients with his cancer “vaccine” for Stage IV multiple myeloma — a deadly blood cancer. The Mayo Clinic is now testing its vaccine against ovarian, brain, and head and neck cancers as well as for mesothelioma.

Thanks to these amazing breakthroughs, Stage IV cancer is no longer a death sentence.

You can read more about Jimmy Carter’s amazing recovery from Stage IV cancer . . . as well as more promising immunotherapies in the pipeline . . . in an eye-opening report, The Breakthrough Cancer Treatment That Saved Jimmy Carter.   I want to send it to you absolutely FREE.

More on that in just a moment, but first I want to tell you about this next debunked cancer “truth” that could save your life or the life of a family member.

Debunked Cancer Truth #2: No family history of cancer means you’re safe from cancer.

Three years ago when Angelina Jolie announced she was removing her breasts as a preventive measure against breast cancer, her legions of fans were stunned. After all, she was a vision of beauty on the red carpet and in the movies.

Then just last year, the bombshell revelation came that Jolie had removed her ovaries at age 39 to eliminate her risk of ovarian cancer! Why would such a young woman do this?

The reason why was devastating.

You see, what many people didn’t know about Jolie was that her mother, aunt, and grandmother had each died of either breast or ovarian cancer at relatively young ages.

With such a strong hereditary risk, Jolie was screened for the “cancer genes” BRCA1 and BRCA2. Mutations in these genes mean they are unable to repair damaged DNA, leading to a significantly higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Options for women who test positive for the mutation, like Angelina Jolie, range from increased cancer screening to a preventive radical mastectomy and the removal of ovaries.

With this BRCA genetic screening now available, a woman’s chance of survival has greatly improved. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that among BRCA1-positive women who underwent preventive removal of their ovaries, the 10-year survival rate was 80% — practically the same as women without the gene mutation.

Angelina Jolie shared her relief, “My chances of developing breast cancer have dropped from 87% to under 5%. I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer.”

It’s no wonder after Jolie’s brave message, women rushed to their doctors to be tested for the BRCA genetic mutation. Women who tested positive now had the information to make proactive treatment decisions to save their lives.

And the women who tested negative must have felt as if they dodged a bullet. What relief! What peace of mind!

But hold on . . . simply because you test negative for this “cancer gene” does not mean your risk falls to zero.

What Gene Testing Really Means

With so much mainstream attention placed on family history of cancer and possible genetic mutations, you may be surprised to discover that cancer “genes” account for a small percentage of newly diagnosed cancers.

For instance, only 20% of women with newly diagnosed breast cancers are shown to have a family history of breast cancer. A whopping 80% of new breast cancer patients have no family history whatsoever.

So even if you test negative for the harmful BRCA1 and BRCA2 cancer genes, you could still be at risk for getting breast or ovarian cancer.

And here’s a warning to men who may think they’re not at risk for prostate cancer . . .

About 25% of all newly-diagnosed prostate cancers are inherited or run in families and may be caused by a mutation of the HPC1, HPC2, HPCX, or CAPB genes.

But if you test negative for these mutations, that doesn’t mean you can’t get prostate cancer. Several non-genetic risk factors still apply, such as obesity, a high-fat diet, age, ethnicity, and others.

Melanoma is also influenced by genetics. About 10 percent of cases have family members with the disease, but 90 percent of cases do not.

By all means if you are in a high-risk genetic pool for developing cancer, please get tested.

But if you test negative for a cancer gene, or if there is no history of cancer in your family, please don’t be lulled into the false belief that you are “safe” from cancer.

It simply isn’t true. You still have the same cancer risk as the general population.

Remember, 75% of prostate cancers, 80% of breast cancers and 90% of melanoma cases, as well as many other cancers, are considered “sporadic,” which means they occur for no genetic reason.

So “no cancer gene” does NOT mean “no cancer risk.” It’s still vital that you get screened or tested if you develop one of the many symptoms of cancer . . . even if there’s no family history of cancer.

You can find out more about which cancers may be genetic . . . the leading risk factors for today’s most common cancers . . . vital information about symptoms and diagnosing cancer . . . along with the best cancer treatments including lifesaving clinical trials near you, and more . . . in a FREE book that I have reserved in your name.

It’s called the Cancer Survival Guide and in a moment I’ll tell you how you can send for your free copy, along with your free copy of The Breakthrough Cancer Treatment That Saved Jimmy Carter I mentioned above.

But now I’d like to tackle head-on what may be the biggest false cancer “truth” of all . . . and the source of missed life-saving treatments for countless cancer sufferers.

Debunked Cancer Truth #3: Alternative therapies can’t cure cancer.

As I mentioned earlier, the main treatment for cancer in the U.S. has not changed for 50 years. It’s surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. These are often the only cancer treatments that doctors use.

And as you may know, these treatments can be harsh and painful for cancer patients. Imagine watching a loved one go through the grueling side effects of chemotherapy such as incessant vomiting, overwhelming fatigue, and depressing hair loss.

Amazing New Cancer Cures

But all over the U.S. and around the world, dedicated cancer doctors are offering better, safer, and gentler treatments to their patients.

These doctors specialize in what’s known as “alternative, integrative, or comprehensive” cancer therapies and they are seeing amazing results. For instance . . .

  • An innovative German doctor discovered that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients was always deficient in certain fatty acids. Without these acids, cancer grows wild. But this doctor discovered the fastest way to replace these fatty acids was with cottage cheese and flaxseed. She based her diet on the theory that changing the type of fat in the diet could kill cancer cells. You can read more about her effective anti-cancer diet on page 238 of the free Cancer Survival Guide: How to Conquer It and Live a Good Life that I would like to send you.
  • Patients suffering from pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest cancers, are excited to learn of a new treatment that could save their lives. And it’s not a new drug. It’s a form of Vitamin E that destroys tumors. In a recent study, this vitamin was given in high doses for 14 days before and on the day to patients scheduled for pancreatic surgery. The researchers found extensive shrinkage of the tumors by the treatment. But here’s the part that’s really surprising, none of the patients has received any chemotherapy at the time of the study!
  • Cancer doctors are using a new highly-focused ultrasound system to treat localized prostate cancer. A beam of ultrasound energy heats the tissue and destroys tumor cells in seconds. With this non-invasive procedure, there’s no need for surgery or radiation. Patients report little discomfort and few complications.
  • In Houston, this cancer doctor’s groundbreaking research shows that a group of naturally-occurring peptides and amino acids found in your body could actually reprogram cancer cells to die. He claims remarkable success for prostate cancer, brain cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, and others. Discover more about this doctor’s work on page 239 of the FREE Cancer Survival Guide waiting for you.
  • Cancer researchers found that using omega-3 oil DHA significantly enhanced the effectiveness of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells. By combining chemotherapy with this oil, patients could now receive a chemo dosage that was four times LOWER and achieve the same results. Plus significantly reduce chemo side effects.
  • Scientists at Florida’s Mayo Clinic have uncovered a key protein that could force tumor cells to change back into normal cells.
  • Beat back colon cancer with purple potatoes?! That’s according to researchers at Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute
  • Shrink tumors with a spicy dish of Indian curry!
  • And so many more excellent cancer treatment alternatives proving it’s possible to stop and even reverse cancer of all kinds.

These alternative treatments are saving tens of thousands of lives every year . . . and improving the quality of life for cancer patients everywhere.

And here’s what most people don’t know . . .

You don’t have to travel great distances to get these powerful treatment alternatives. Many are just a drive or a short airplane ride from where you are right now.

Today you have many options to treating cancer that go far beyond the traditional surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy . . . or treatments that integrate well to boost more conventional therapies. Plus, many of these treatments are free of side effects.

And in a moment, I’ll show you an easy way you can get the latest news on cutting-edge, life-saving alternative cancer treatments delivered directly to you every month — free of charge!

With so much cancer information out there, it’s not surprising that many people are wondering what’s true about cancer . . . and what’s been “debunked.”

Startling advances are made every day — such as Jimmy Carter’s Keytruda immunotherapy.

And the good news is . . . more people are surviving cancer! The American Cancer Society estimates there are almost 14.5 million cancer survivors alive today . . . and that number will rise to almost 19 million by 2024!

If you or a loved one were to get cancer today, you are more likely to survive than at any time in history. And the information-packed Cancer Survival Guide will give you the tools and resources to help you do so.

This is practical, comprehensive information laid out in simple, everyday English that you can put to work immediately. And it’s yours for free.

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When you’re facing cancer treatment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone. The medical terminology is all new and scary. Your rush to decide on the right treatment can be frightening and filled with self-doubt.

After all, you’re asked to trust a doctor you may have just met with your precious life. Is he or she making the best treatment decisions for you?

From the moment you first learn of your or a loved one’s cancer diagnosis, the road to remission is often difficult as you navigate a swamp of medical concerns and personal worries. It’s easy to sink into despair and confusion.

But there is wise and compassionate help available to you and I want to make sure you have it.

That’s why I’ve reserved a FREE copy of the Cancer Survival Guide in your name. All you have to do is say the word and I’ll rush this 274-page book to you immediately. With this comprehensive guide in your hands, you can walk step-by-step through your cancer journey feeling empowered and informed.

This wonderful resource was written by award-winning medical journalist Charlotte Libov. Perhaps like you, Charlotte has seen countless friends diagnosed with cancer and wanted desperately to help them.

She had already written a best-selling book, Women’s Heart Book, to help women deal with heart disease after Charlotte herself underwent open-heart surgery.

After hearing about a cancer diagnosis from one too many friends, Charlotte knew she simply had to use her impressive list of expert medical contacts and research skills to write a clear, concise book that would help anyone facing cancer.

Like Charlotte’s friend, DeAnne, 59, who had never been sick a day in her life until one day she found a lump. Here’s DeAnne’s story:

“Just like so many women, I felt a lump in my breast. I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer.

Now I’m the least medical person I know. I never want to know anything medical. My doctor had even told me, ‘Oh, it’s not that bad. You probably will only have to have surgery.’ So I had it in my mind it would be a simple lumpectomy.

Then I went to a breast cancer oncologist. She told me, ‘Forget that, you need surgery, chemo, or radiation.’ But I wanted to try holistic for a few months. But my family was saying ‘no, it’s in your lymph nodes, you have to have surgery.’

With everyone talking at me, I couldn’t stay calm. I was overwhelmed with information from everyone. But I knew my friend Charlotte had written a book on surviving cancer, including breast cancer. She gave me a copy.

Well, the Cancer Survival Guide really made a difference for me. It helped me to understand my cancer better. This book showed me how to develop my own cancer treatment plan. I ended up having surgery to remove the tumors along with chemotherapy and radiation. Plus, I took a holistic approach to naturally boost my immune system to help fight the cancer.

I loved the easy-to-read language and I didn’t get lost in the terminology. This book is very valuable for patients whose doctors aren’t as thorough in their explanations.

The guide made my cancer journey easier by giving me the knowledge I needed to make smart health decisions. Plus, the book made cancer less scary. The amazing resources in the book gave me all the cancer information I needed at my fingertips, such as all the support groups out there and the holistic treatments available at my own medical center.

It’s been a year since I was diagnosed — I consider myself grateful. And I know the chapters on cancer survivorship will help me stay cancer free for the rest of my life. I would recommend the Cancer Survival Guide to anyone forced to deal with cancer.”

What Everyone Needs to Know About Cancer

Cancer Survival Guide covers a wide range of cancers. Each cancer is discussed in its own chapter. First you have what I call the “Big Four” — breast, lung, colon and prostate. These are the most common cancers in America today.

But Charlotte also delves into nine more cancers, including melanoma, leukemia, lymphoma, brain, ovarian, and others.

Each cancer chapter begins with a simple layman’s description of the cancer . . . the statistical risk and survival rates, the genetic likelihood of each cancer . . . an explanation of the stages or grades (I, II, III or IV) of cancer, along with each cancer’s signs and symptoms.

Next, Charlotte explains the diagnostic tests used to screen for these cancers if you’re at all concerned about any symptom. She also reveals the latest treatments for each of these cancers, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy . . . and the most skilled oncology specialist to work with depending on the diagnosis.

This information alone could save you hundreds of hours searching online or at your local library. Plus, you can trust that the information Charlotte has uncovered is well-researched and unbiased.

And here’s something you’ll really appreciate . . .

This informative section — which can take medical students years to learn — is written in Charlotte’s down-to-earth “plain English” style which you will find easy to understand.

What a relief not to be bombarded with all the medical gobbledygook that often leaves you scratching your head wondering what the heck you just read.

In addition to Charlotte reviewing 13 of the most commonly diagnosed cancers, here’s . . .

More Fascinating Info You’ll Discover in Your FREE Cancer Survival Guide:

  • The first mysterious sign of cancer. At first it’s nothing to worry about . . . but then you wonder. If it carries on six months or more, call your doctor. Page 5
  • Uh-oh. You feel a lump. This is the most well-known symptom of cancer. But do you know eight more common cancer symptoms that are often mistaken for minor illnesses? Ignoring even one could delay life-saving treatment. Pages 6-7
  • Cousin Betty has cancer. So does Uncle Joe. Should you get genetically tested? Not necessarily. But here are four reasons why you should. Page 9
  • Genetic testing kits you can do at home. Good idea? Our best advice. Page 10.
  • The cancer risk hiding at the beauty salon . . . plus five more hidden cancer hazards in your life. Pages 11-12
  • The simplest thing you can do to stop this top cancer killer. New study shows a 30% decrease in cases in the last decade. A quick phone call gets you started. Page 14
  • The $5 home solution that puts you in control of your cancer treatment. Step-by-step details on how to do it. So easy . . . and approved by the American Society of Clinical Oncologists. Pages 16-18
  • Why a standard X-ray could miss “seeing” your cancer. If you’re concerned about an accurate diagnosis, demand this type of X-ray instead. Page 21
  • The hidden and life-threatening risk in an MRI. What your doctor must know before ordering this diagnostic test. Page 22
  • The PET Scan Scam! Is this test really necessary? American Society of Clinical Oncology issues this warning to save you needless cost and worry. Page 23
  • The only true confirmation of cancer and its stage is with a biopsy. But which of the five types of biopsies is right for you? Make sure you get the right one. Pages 23-24
  • Warning! When cancer tests can lead to cancer. What you need to know. Plus six questions to ask your doctor before you agree to any test. Ask them for your peace of mind. Pages 26-27
  • And so much more!

After a heartbreaking cancer diagnosis, the greatest decision you have to make is: What’s the best course of treatment to kick my cancer into remission?

These decisions are crucial to saving your life or the life of a loved one. Conventional cancer treatments still remain — surgery, radiation, chemotherapy.

But a revolution in cancer treatment is underway as I described earlier with Jimmy Carter and his immunotherapy drug, Keytruda. More targeted treatments are being introduced that are more effective and cause fewer side effects.

Cancer Survival Guide clearly explains your treatment options including both traditional treatments as well as new targeted treatments. Here’s a glimpse inside this remarkable guide:

  • The four factors determining cancer treatment . . . plus the 11 questions to ask your doctor before any treatment begins. Don’t be afraid to ask, especially question 11. This question alone could save your life. Pages 29-30
  • Cancer surgery is still the most common treatment. But you must know when surgery should never be considered. You’ll find out on page 31.
  • The surgical complication that can occur years after surgery. Women are most at risk. What you need to know. Page 32
  • A chemo “wash” that extends life expectancy by years instead of just months. A study published in Cancer Medicine proves it. Details on page 33.
  • Four new radiation therapies killing cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. Fewer side effects too! Pages 33-34
  • Not all cancer tumors respond to hormone therapy. Ask for this simple test to see if hormone therapy is right for you. It could save you precious time. Page 35
  • Can you really cure cancer with a vaccine? Yes, say patients at risk for these three types of cancer. Page 37
  • How to get into a clinical trial. Most doctors simply don’t have time to keep up with the 10,000 clinical trials enrolling patients at any given time. Here are two life-saving websites to help you find one that could save your life. Pages 38-40
  • Why your doctor’s first treatment recommendation could kill you. What to do instead. Pages 51-52
  • The ONLY criterion for choosing a cancer doctor . . . and the best place to find him or her. Pages 52-53
  • Local hospital vs. cancer treatment center: Which is best for you? Pages 53-55
  • The big tip-off when a second opinion is needed . . . and what to do when the second opinion differs from the first. Page 56
  • The one skilled cancer professional you and your family absolutely need while you’re in treatment. Hint: It’s not a doctor and their service won’t cost you a penny. Pages 56-57
  • Your 9-point doctor checklist. Sure, the 8th point about insurance is important, but here’s what you must know before choosing the best oncologist. Pages 57-58

And here’s information I doubt you’ll find in any medical or cancer journal . . .

In her breakthrough guide, Charlotte delves far beyond the physical impact of cancer. She also reveals the psychological impact of cancer in your life . . . the stress, anxiety and depression of dealing with this game-changing disease — and how and where to get help.

And thankfully, because you’re more likely to survive cancer than not . . . Charlotte reveals the little-known medical issues cancer survivors may face long after the cancer is gone . . . and what you can do to live cancer-free forever.

For instance:

  • Researchers discover the simple remedy to relieve depression, anxiety, even pain. Costs nothing and you can do it anywhere. Page 202
  • Living well after cancer depends on three important factors. We all know number three — living a healthy lifestyle — but what about the other two? Find out how to live your healthiest post-cancer life on page 207.
  • The taboo topic women often avoid during cancer treatment. Study shows nearly one-third of women never discuss this with their doctor. But you could be robbing yourself of your future happiness. Page 209
  • Four lifestyle changes that reduce your risk of cancer by up to 40%. Works for all types of cancer. Pages 218-224
  • This amazing nutrient takes away cancer cells’ “superpower” to escape death. Found in the most common of everyday foods. Page 222
  • How to get the cancer-fighting power of fruits and vegetables in just one simple diet. Bonus: prevents heart disease too! Page 224
  • Need a phone number or website address for countless cancer organizations? No need for Google. Simply turn to page 225.
  • And much, much more.

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Are We Close to a Cure for Cancer?

That’s the question on the lips of many oncologists these days as the exciting advances in immunotherapy are now occurring at a rapid rate.

Regarding these new immunotherapy drugs, a cancer doctor at University College London Hospital went so far as to confide, “We are beginning to start thinking about the word ‘cure.’”

One of these new advances is the immunotherapy drug Keytruda (pembrolizumab) — the one Jimmy Carter chose for his cancer treatment.

Recently, Newsmax Health published a special report detailing the new immunotherapies that could make “incurable” cancer a thing of the past. I want to send it to you FREE.

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  • More effective than chemotherapy? In study of 1,034 lung cancer patients, this new immunotherapy drug beat out advanced chemo drug. And with no side effects.
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  • Sunscreen lotion protects against melanoma, right? Wrong! The shocking facts about SPF that you don’t know.
  • Is the government’s new PSA guidance putting men at risk for prostate cancer? New study out of Vanderbilt University Medical Center says yes. Here are three doctor-approved recommendations for testing. And so much more.

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I want to show you how you can cancer-proof your body.

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I would certainly encourage you to start with these three.

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Dr. Blaylock is a nationally-recognized, board-certified neurosurgeon and is a leader in the field of alternative health. Dr. Blaylock uses his nearly three decades of medical practice and experience to research and write about nutrition-related subjects.

And each month he distills his research and findings into one concise, clear, crisp report known as The Blaylock Wellness Report. You’ll find simple and all-natural strategies to rejuvenate your health. Take a look:

  • Ginseng: Ancient Secret for Better Health
  • Natural Treatments That Prevent and Cure Deadly Colon Cancer
  • Simple Solution for Complex Pain
  • 6 Plant Extracts That Rejuvenate Brain and Body
  • Natural Compound That Slows Aging
  • Deadly Hidden Source of Heart Disease
  • Causes and Cures for Age-Related Memory Loss
  • 6 Medical Myths That can Threaten Your Life
  • The Secret Science of Losing Fat
  • And so much more.

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  • Is your statin drug putting you on the road to diabetes? Check your drug label for this FDA warning.
  • The sensual natural remedy for arthritis. Just 45 minutes twice a week reduces the use of pain medication by 39%. It’s the next best thing to sex.
  • Eye floaters? Most cases are harmless. But if they’re accompanied by these two symptoms, call your eye doctor right away.
  • The shocking connection between cholesterol and heart attacks. Is Big Pharma lying to us? Chief medical officer speaks out.
  • The easy home remedy to improve eyesight. It’s in your kitchen right now and it’s free.
  • Painful knee surgeries are common in the U.S. . . . but a shocking one-third are unnecessary. Two ways you can avoid knee surgery and strengthen joints — without pain.
  • Hidden culprit behind heart disease. Often the problem is the oxidative damage caused by this common food ingredient.
  • Forgotten Indian herb offers new hope for painful joints. Studies show it stops inflammation chemicals from damaging your joints.
  • The vitamin deficiency that leads to retinal tears and retinal detachment. Taking bilberry and lutein will help, but adding 2,000 mg of this vitamin two to three times a day is a must.
  • New non-statin drug lowers cholesterol up to 70%. No side effects reported in clinical trials!
  • And much, much more.

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