One Extraordinary Family Reveals the Secrets to Surviving the Unthinkable

For Nancy Winn, it all started with a simple nosebleed.

From thousands of miles away on a work trip, Nancy called her physician husband for his advice to stop the pesky bleeding.

Nancy seemed fine, yet Dr. Robert “Winnie” Winn felt goosebumps pop up on his arms. Like some doctors, Winnie possesses an intuitive sense that warns him when something is not right. And this particular conversation gnawed at his gut.

This sense of foreboding only worsened the next day, when Nancy told him about the rash covering much of her body. Her left thigh looked bruised, but she had not injured herself in any way.

“Nancy Is About as Sick as a Person Can Be . . .”

By the time Winnie’s beloved wife was admitted to the hospital, purple bruises covered much of her body. She had a temperature of 105.2 degrees.

At age 57, Nancy was diagnosed with an aggressive form of acute myeloid leukemia.

“Dr. Winn’s story is remarkably open, unguarded, and intimate — a personal journey of discovery, friendship, love, and ultimately survival. Dr. Winn’s willingness to honestly explore and expose his own vulnerabilities provides an honest look into the tumultuous and sometimes chaotic events experienced by a caring husband and family as a loved one faces a potentially fatal illness. I believe that almost any physician, staff member, patient, patient family member, or friend will come away with new insights and understanding after reading this moving memoir.”

Frederick Appelbaum, M.D.
Director of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle

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Winnie heard words from Nancy’s doctor that left him stunned. “Dr. Winn, Nancy is about as sick as a person can be. I don’t know if we will be able to get her into remission. If we can’t achieve a remission, she won’t last the week . . . I am so very sorry.”

Hope is Everything

While desperately ill, Nancy did survive that first week.

However, for the Winn couple and their two children Jayna and Jaret, daily life quickly careened out of control. For the next two years, they lived under the dark cloud of a potentially fatal illness, riding the roller coaster of tests, treatments, and hospital stays.

Dr. Winn could barely talk to others about his wife’s illness without crying. So late at night, he wrote email letters as he sat quietly beside his acutely ill wife in the soft, flickering lights of her hospital room. These letters touched the hearts of friends and family members alike, and formed the basis of his highly acclaimed new book Night Reflections.

You will find Night Reflections to be a true story of courage, of love, and ultimately, of survival.

As John Wayne once said . . .

“Courage Is Being Scared to Death
and Saddling Up Anyway”

Yes, the Winn family was scared. Death was always just one medical mishap away for Nancy. She had to endure blood transfusions, multiple rounds of powerful chemotherapy, systemic infections, and a risky bone marrow graft. You’ll hear about all the ups, the downs, and the setbacks.

Yet in Night Reflections, you will also read about the silver linings to the terrible hand this family was dealt. You will find deep love — and the best qualities of humankind — within its pages.

For any family going through a life-threatening illness, this book presents an inspirational narrative to help you and your loved ones survive something equally terrifying. You will see how to cherish each day as it comes, and dig deep for the reserves of strength you may not even know you have within you.

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