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Discounted Book: Baby Boomer Survival Guide
(a $19.95 value — yours for just $4.95!)

  • See how to avoid the nursing home and stay healthy for the rest of your life . . .
  • Find simple ways to save on prescription drug costs . . .
  • Avoid Medicare changes that will degrade your healthcare . . .
  • Prevent Obamacare from raising your healthcare costs . . .
  • Discover the best retirement, tax, and estate strategies for you and your loved ones . . .

Special Report: The Anti-Alzheimer’s Diet
(a $18 value — yours FREE!)

  • The most important risk factor you can control to avoid Alzheimer’s . . .
  • The little-known memory benefits of coffee . . .
  • Easy lifestyle and dietary changes to keep your brain functioning at its peak . . .
  • Whether your memory lapses are normal — or early signs of Alzheimer’s disease . . .
  • And much more . . .

Special Report: Foods That Can Save Your Eyesight
(a $18 value — yours FREE!)

  • The simple “glare test” to determine if your eyes are getting adequate nutrition . . .
  • 10 important foods — and seven key supplements — for your eye health . . .
  • How statin drugs for high cholesterol may damage your eyes . . .
  • Two easy eye exercises to improve your vision . . .
  • And more . . .

Special Report: Cancer-Proof Your Body
(a $18 value — yours FREE!)

  • Why you should avoid eating liver, oysters, and certain nuts . . .
  • The four “magic” spices that protect your body against cancer . . .
  • How that daily low-dose aspirin helps more than just your heart . . .
  • Two tasty beverages to boost your cancer defenses . . .
  • And many more simple strategies to protect you from the Big C . . .

Plus: 3-Month Trial Subscription to Health Radar + 90-Day Access to the Health Radar Archives

  • Discover powerful strategies to fight back against cancer, memory loss, heart disease, and many other health conditions . . .
  • Become informed about medical breakthroughs and proven strategies from top doctors to help add years of robust health to your life . . .
  • Plus, gain access to the 50+ past issues of Health Radar, which you can read or download at your convenience . . .

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