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FREE Report #1: Age-Proof Your Home to Keep Your Independence to 80, 90, and Beyond (A $15.00 value!)

Age-Proof Your Home
Age-Proof Your Home

In this Special Report, you will discover:

  • The 3 top medication-related factors that could increase your risk for falls (and what to do about them) . . .
  • What you must know about your feet and ankles when it comes to preventing falls . . .
  • The hidden cause of dizziness every senior should know about . . .
  • Your best choice of doctors to address the needs of older people . . .
  • 10 great ways to avoid osteoporosis and protect your bones . . .
  • And more, much more . . .

FREE Report #2: Stay Out of the Nursing Home: Senior's Guide to Preventing Falls (A $15.00 value!)

Stay Out of the Nursing Home
Stay Out of the Nursing Home

In your own copy of this injury-preventing report, you’ll find:

  • The most important home features you need to make your home safe for “aging in place” (without reducing its value in a future sale) . . .
  • 3 must-know pitfalls of those walk-in bath tubs you see advertised on TV and in magazines . . .
  • A room-by-room checklist of potential hazards to correct throughout your home — for your protection and safety . . .
  • Brand-new technology to preserve independence by helping seniors stay in touch with family and friends, monitor health status, and alert others to a fall or other emergency . . .
  • Crucial advice on upgrading or remodeling a home and resources to help seniors maintain independence . . .
  • And many more life-saving gems . . .

FREE Report #3: Boost Your Memory With These Simple Strategies (Another $15.00 value!)

Boost Your Memory With These Simple Strategies
Boost Your Memory With These Simple Strategies

In this popular special issue of The Mind Health Report:

  • See aging expert Dr. Gary Small’s easy, 3-step “Look, Snap, Connect” method to improve your memory immediately . . .
  • Plus, discover the easy way to stop misplacing things such as your keys or glasses . . .
  • Help save your brain from mild cognitive impairment, perhaps even dementia or Alzheimer’s disease . . .
  • Plus much, much more . . .

Free DVD: Senior Health: 10 Exercises for Building Balance (A $20.00 value!)

Senior Health: 10 Exercises for Building Balance
Senior Health: 10 Exercises for Building Balance

In this special video DVD from world-renowned physical therapist Jennifer Beal, you will discover:

  • 10 simple exercises you can do at any time in the convenience of your own home . . .
  • Exercises for overall flexibility and strength . . .
  • Balance-challenging exercises to help your legs and inner ear . . .
  • Exercises to correct rounded posture, and improve alignment and center of gravity . . .
  • How exercising can be quick, easy, and fun! . . .

One-Year Subscription to Health Radar

Health Radar
Health Radar

Every month, Health Radar brings you the latest news, tips, and expertise covering a range of health-related topics to:

  • Eliminate your chronic health conditions and nagging health worries once and for all . . .
  • Keep you out of the doctor’s office — or even the hospital or nursing home . . .
  • Protect you and your family from unnecessary prescriptions and dangerous, unproven, and expensive treatments . . .

3-Month Trial Subscription to Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report

Mind Health Report
Mind Health Report

In this popular Newsmax newsletter, you’ll discover powerful strategies and solutions to:

  • Improve your memory and enhance your relationships . . .
  • Prevent mental decline, dementia, and mind-ruining diseases such as Alzheimer’s . . .
  • Live a longer, happier, and healthier life . . .

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